VideoAirplane vinyl graphics

Not all Graphics are created Equal.

So when people ask me what we do at Simply Stripes, I often say “oh we do signage and vehicle livery’s mostly”. The more I think about that last bit I realise it’s actually fairly generic and doesn’t really conjure in the mind’s eye exactly what it should. People usually get that we do vans and cars, but they don’t always understand that the word “vehicle” means literally anything used for transporting people or goods.

Over the years we have done all kinds of wacky ice-cream and coffee carts, golf buggies, speed boats, yachts, planes, trains and other automobiles. However, our most recent project was a little more unique than even that eclectic bunch.

A private jet.

Now this came with its own set of unique challenges to overcome. The vinyl had to withstand the extreme temperatures jets experience during flight, and the customer’s brief also presented a unique problem too…

“We want a Union Jack like Boris’s RAF Voyager, but not upside down”.

The issue with the King’s Jack is that the design is asymmetrical in every direction. Meaning that the usual standard practice of mirroring a design would cause the flag to be upside down on one of the sides. This indicates, to anyone in the know, that the plane and its crew are in a constant state of distress. Something probably best avoided if we are totally honest.

The solution to this was simply to treat each side as separate entity’s and craft unique graphics for both. Problem solved and to the untrained eye you wouldn’t even know…. Unless you read this blog post that is!

The end result is rather spectacular! And most importantly the customer loved the end result too!

Let us know what you think, and maybe check out this cool video we made of the whole process.